St James Episcopal

st james(Community Matters)  St James Episcopal – As we’re moving to raise capital and retire debt (a move I wholly support), glad the congregation is being asked to weigh in on the options. A 30- or 99-year ground lease would be better than outright sale of excess land (given how appraisals work, with little impact on price). And, we shouldn’t overly rely on promises to share facilities or co-habitate as good neighbors since these agreements are unlikely to govern any future owners. St James will be here for many generations. We can’t count on the same for a startup.

We should also be careful not to enter into a political argument which has pitted AISD against our East Austin neighbors. School board members were targeted and defeated because of the opposition to the charter school. I’ve read only good things about this school and their Austin board chair is a dear friend and St James’ member. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t want to take an action seen as a stick in the eye. Not at all a deal killer, we just need to navigate this with neighbors and East Austin political leaders.

apologies for missing tomorrow’s meeting after the 10:15 service. We’ll be out of town 

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