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Kip Keller on David Brooks. Same Sex Marriage is NOT About Limiting Freedom

kip keller(Community Matters) New York Times columnist David Brooks cited the LGBT community’s fight for marriage equality as an example of willingness to limit choices and freedom.

Kip Keller, one of our best friends, takes great exception with Mr Brooks, who has a disarming & distracting tendency for oversimplification, pseudo intellectualism and the misleading habit of presenting false choices & erroneous assumptions as facts.

Okay, so this is the last time I waste a single moment reading David Brooks’s asinine drivel or responding to it. I mean it—not even a juicy, Brooks-engorged blog entry on Community Matters will tempt me from now on.

Every time I think that he’s reached absolute nadir, that his mind-bendingly amazing ability to not see what is directly in front of his face, his unswerving proclivity for NOT GETTING IT, has reached some end point, he sets a new personal standard for puffed-up, whining dumb-assery that would be breathtaking if it weren’t so pathetic.

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Aryan Nation Threat

aryan nation(Community Matters) This feels completely out of control – Prosecutor Resigns from Prison Gang Case, especially on top of the murders of two Kaufman, TX prosecutors and a wife.

Is the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas becoming as big a threat to the rule of law as cartels in Mexico? There’s speculation that this could represent retaliation for Texas Department of Public Safety & US Justice Department crackdowns and indictments that have enraged the gang.

Hoping no connection to West Virginia sheriff shot to death in car earlier today.


Prison Gangs

San Antonio Express News: God forgives. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas does not

Talk About Crazy

crazy republican 2(Community Matters) Are you frigging kidding me? Republican North Carolina state legislators have proposed allowing an official state religion. 

“The religion bill comes as some Republican-led states seek to separate themselves from the federal government, primarily on the issues of guns and Obamacare.”


GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Fights To Uphold Anti-Sodomy Law


Rand Paul: Newtown Could Have Been Prevented If Teachers Had Guns