Daily Archives: 04/09/2013

Google Fiber Coming to Austin

(Community Matters)  The next big thing in Austin! As the announcement of MCC and Sematech forever changed the future of Austin, so does the announcement that Google is bringing Google Fiber to Central Texas.

It’s not only about internet speeds 100 times faster than today’s (& the competition this creates), nor just about the increased productivity & connectivity for Austin startups & small businesses, and this probably means the next big wave of startup migrations to Austin . . . . Google Fiber means a better quality of life for Austinites. We laugh when we think back to dial up modems; we’ll laugh when we remember download & upload speeds of 17 and 1 Mbps. We’re talking about entering the Gigabit Web World.

Thrilled to hear directly from my friends at Google that connecting residents & small businesses are priorities as is digital inclusion. Everyone in Austin will eventually be able to obtain gigabit speeds, even for free for those who can’t afford it – discussions around radical digital inclusion forthcoming. 

Wanna see how it works in Kansas? It’ll work even better here – click here

correction: I think the free broadband is less than gigabit speed but still  very robust.