Daily Archives: 04/23/2013

A Bright Spot in a Tough Week

(Community Matters) Witnessing today the care, love & professionalism staff at Baylor Medical Clinic show toward their patients.

hmm, as I think about it, Steven & I are lucky. There are routinely many bright spots in our weeks, tough or not.

Jihadist Radicalization

(Community Matters) I am surprised by Andrew Sullivan’s tilt toward declaring Islam a religion which promotes violence (more so than the general consensus that religions can edge fundamentalists toward violence).

And, it reminds me of a thought trail wondering if fears of domestic radicalization aren’t a self-fulfilling prophecy. As young Muslims in the US are further marginalized by public opinion and encounter discrimination, do we risk radicalizing even more? This isn’t only a lesson about religion; other examples abound.

Is there a European lesson for Americans? I’m ordinarily torn on driving assimilation when it means diluting one’s cultural heritage.

Gun Control as a Wedge Issue

(Community Matters) Andrew Sullivan says it could turn moderate suburban voters for Democrats. 

Austin’s Oil & Gas Boom

(Community Matters) Who knew crude petroleum and natural gas xxtraction was Austin’s fastest growing industry in terms of job creation between 2007 and 2012? Brian Kelsey’s Civic Analytics 

civic analytics

Corporate, Domestic Terrorism

west-texas-fertilizer-plant-explosion-2(Community Matters) Corp officers and regulators who skirt worker & public safety protections and cause deaths are also today’s domestic terrorists. I’m pretty sure we’ve lost more Americans (including innocent children) to public safety violations.

It’s time the American public stands up and demands public officials enact swift criminal penalties against those who kill as a result of negligence and/or malfeasance.  Journalists report on investigation of West Fertilizer plant explosion – realizing this is preliminary, I’m not suggesting there is yet enough evidence for conclusions.