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La Barbecue Cuisine Texicana

pit(Community Matters) Bummed to hear John Lewis is moving to CA but I gotta check out the meat from his new trailer.



thanks Byran Jones for the hat tip


936216_10200400869877698_487160448_n(Community Matters) Fusebox closed with a bang – a Digestible Feats, POP, SIZZLE, SHATTER, featuring food by Sonya Cote and music by Graham Reynolds. (series and drinks curated by Hank Cathey). Held at the Center for Maximum Building Potential Systems, what an awesome and eclectic location. We had our first course in the graveyard with Graham demonstrating electrified sounds. Second course in the gardens serenaded by kodo drums from up high and favorite drums below. Main course seated around the stage. Gins and bubbles. Kudos to Ron Berry, Brad Carlin & Natalie George (the Fusebox empresarios)