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Lunge to the Right

tea party(Community Matters) We wonder why? . . . Of the 234 House Republicans, just four now represent districts that favor Democrats, according to data compiled by The Cook Political Report. Politico’s Playbook

That’s down from the 22 Republicans who resided in Democratic-friendly seats following the 2010 midterms, prior to the line-drawing. … After redistricting and the 2012 election, according to The Cook Political Report, the average Republican congressional district went from 73 percent white to 75 percent white. … A look at the numbers shows why there’s more incentive for House Democrats to get behind an immigration bill than Republicans. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans represent districts in which Hispanics make up less than one-tenth of the population, according to the American Community Survey. The number of House Democrats with such few Latinos in their districts? Fewer than one in three.” http://politi.co/15aafEV


The Tabard Inn

(Community Matters) My friends in DC have all had dinner and/or drinks with me at the Tabard for years. Probably 75% of the time that I’ve stayed in DC since first joining the HRC board in 1994, I’ve stayed at the Tabard – I’d estimate  50 – 75 times over the 20 years (since I also love staying with the Cramers in Takoma). Story of family feud at Tabard Inn – I hope it survives; just wrote to find out more about employee buy out and how I might help. 



Voting Rights Act

(Community Matters) Lying in bed last night, I realized, I am not prepared to assume a majority of GOP congressman won’t discuss and approve a logical replacement map for the Voting Rights Act. I choose not to believe legislators won’t protect the rights of all voters in states or counties with documented voter infringement troubles during the last decade. I suppose it’s now up to the President, House & Senate to show their leadership in this matter – this transcends parties.