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Punchdrunk: The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable

(Community Matters) fingers crossed end of this week

Chief Justice Roberts

(Community Matters) A deconstructionist – NYT: The Real John Roberts

Celebrating Joe at Scholz Garten

(Community Matters) Much fun had by all and at such an appropriate venue to celebrate Joe Christie’s 80th.

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sorry missed pics of some friends including Jack & Patsy Martin. 

Lost & Stolen Firearms

(Community Matters) how many firearms would you imagine are lost or stolen in the US each year?

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Rachel Jeantel

Rachel Jeantel(Community Matters)  I haven’t been following the George Zimmerman trial and was not aware of Rachel Jeantel,  the Florida teen who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin when he was killed.

There’s evidently a significant conversation around Rachel’s testimony, not about its substance (or perhaps but that’s not what I’m reading), about her English, her obvious poor education and her looks. This essay in Ebony slams what its two Caribbean immigrant authors term as Black bourgeoisie disdain and commentors call self-loathing.

Salon notes (“the Smearing of Rachel Jeantel”) Rachel’s poor diction, hood-ish venacular and social media history are being used to discredit her by Zimmerman’s defense lawyers (as you’d expect of defense lawyers pursuing every avenue to exonerate their client) in front of an all white jury. I’m hoping the jury realizes it isn’t Ms. Jeantel on trial, nor even  the parents & social institutions failing kids like Rachel.

Joe Christie

(Community Matters) Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Joe Christie

I was an baby adult when I met Joe, probably only 30 or 31 years old. He’s been a mentor, close friend, one of my best friends and one of the best story tellers I’ve ever known. Through Joe I’ve spent evenings with his best friend Charlie Wilson, heard insider and public stories, learned more about politics from the former State senator and once US Senate candidate than from any other source, gotten involved with the McDonald Observatory, and I’ve gained an additional family. Joe & Tana were among the first and probably the most enthusiastic supporters of Steven. Here’s to a great man, husband, father, grandfather and friend . . .

Happy 80th Birthday, Joe

Joe Christie & Eugene


(Community Matters)  I know it’s a long way from Sengal, but he has his own plane. I hope @BarackObama drops in on @NelsonMandela & says thx u for all of us.


Edgar M. Bronfman(Community Matters) “I have come to see the protection of gay marriage as a manifestation of the Jewish value of seeking justice for those who are enslaved. . . . . It is a vital, active imperative for the Jewish people to be on the front lines of issues protecting and promoting the rights of any group being treated unfairly.”

A moving op-ed supporting LGBT equality from Edgar M. Bronfman, former Chairman of the Seagram Co. Ltd and former President of the World Jewish Congress.

SCOTUS and LGBT Equality

(Community Matters) I haven’t written my posting on today’s Supreme Court cases but have launched a lot (too many) tweets and FB postings. While still conducting research coming across a few enlightening observations:

Maybe Hollingsworth was an honest commitment to the niceties of federal standing. But denying the Prop 8 advocates standing while extending it to the Congressional Republicans in Windsor is a little awkward.

Marriage benefits by state:


still real questions about which Federal benefits will be available to married same sex couples in states that don’t recognize our marriage – though I’m feeling optimistic that some will

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SB-5 – The People’s Filibuster

wendy davis(Community Matters) it was amazing to watch (virtually through Texas Tribune feed and twitter feeds) while Senator Wendy Davis was shut down by bullshit objections for straying from the topic of abortion legislation (discussing the requirment for a sonogram while obtaining an abortion was ruled nongermane and someone helping adjust a back brace was ruled objectionable too).

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Steven Tomlinson: Edward Snowden is a Prophet

2366_54221173955_971182_n(Community Matters)  from Steven:

Edward Snowden may be a hero.  He may be a traitor. At this point, he may or may not be an American. In any case, he’s a prophet. 

A prophet reminds us of what we’ve conveniently forgotten, what we have to forget to live with ourselves.

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Weekend Dinners

(Community Matters) dinner Friday night with Suzanne Deal Booth & Kevin Keim, after a bit of a museum crawl – loved the B Scene at Blanton. dinner Saturday night with Melba & Ted Whatley, Julie Blakslee & John Spong, Chris Saunders & Hannah Temple, DJ Stout & Lana McGilbray, and Julia & Evan Smith – delicious: the food as well as the conversations and setting.  dinner last night Kara Dockery, Garrett Webber-Gale & Hillary Webber-Gale – everything fresh, local and grilled; the best salmon in a very long time. Breaking bread with friends, family, acquaintances and neighbors while w/ my husband is as good as it gets.