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Grouping Students by Ability

(Community Matters) Was just discussing the efficacy of this a few weeks ago – Blue Birds, Red Birds, Yellow Birds. NYT: Grouping Students by Ability Regains Favor in Classroom

And, I acknowledge the risks. Growing up, I’d always been in the advanced groups until the fourth grade when a reading teacher put me in the second group. My mother found this unusual so met with the teacher. My last name suggested to the teacher I might not be up to speed in reading. I was returned to the accelerated group and made an A.

New Urban Area Farmers

(Community Matters) Steven and I have been talking about this for a couple of years now – not only farming but butchering, baking, fishing . . . the migration by smart, well-educated, success-driven young people to these vocations. That they can make a decent living selling their wares in Central Texas is encouraging.

AAS story Loans helping new, urban-area farmers (pic by Ralph Barrera, AAS) 

brenton johnson by Barrera


Coupled with our interest in farmers and artisans is an interest in cooperatives. There’s a resurgence in this business organization structure in our country, and there’s organized opposition by big banks and other businesses against them as their market share increases. Steven serves as treasurer of the Wheatsville Coop board. I’ve recently offered to engage with UFCU.