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Steven Tomlinson: Edward Snowden is a Prophet

2366_54221173955_971182_n(Community Matters)  from Steven:

Edward Snowden may be a hero.  He may be a traitor. At this point, he may or may not be an American. In any case, he’s a prophet. 

A prophet reminds us of what we’ve conveniently forgotten, what we have to forget to live with ourselves.

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Weekend Dinners

(Community Matters) dinner Friday night with Suzanne Deal Booth & Kevin Keim, after a bit of a museum crawl – loved the B Scene at Blanton. dinner Saturday night with Melba & Ted Whatley, Julie Blakslee & John Spong, Chris Saunders & Hannah Temple, DJ Stout & Lana McGilbray, and Julia & Evan Smith – delicious: the food as well as the conversations and setting.  dinner last night Kara Dockery, Garrett Webber-Gale & Hillary Webber-Gale – everything fresh, local and grilled; the best salmon in a very long time. Breaking bread with friends, family, acquaintances and neighbors while w/ my husband is as good as it gets.

Snowden – Wouldn’t Believe All I’m Reading

snowden inside job(Community Matters) I’m not inclined to believe what could very probably be a well-organized misinformation campaign to turn public sentiment against Snowden – Edward Snowden Says He Sought Booz Allen Hamilton Job To Gather NSA Surveillance Evidence.

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