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Arab Spring-What Next-Glance

arab spring(Community Matters)  an updated summary of the Arab Spring from Politico Playbook.

GET SMART FAST – “Arab Spring-What Next-Glance: Key stress points in the Arab world” (AP) – “While the world’s attention is riveted to Syria’s civil war, there are other countries trying to cope with the convulsions of the Arab Spring that began nearly 2½ years ago. A look at some stress points in the Arab world beyond the battles in Syria:

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Marriage in Illinois – Revived?

illinois marriage(Community Matters) Appears there might be a revival – opportunity for approval of the same sex marriage bill has been extended to August 31st and this means an opportunity for Gov Pat Quinn to call a special session.  Kudos to good friends working very hard on this in Springfield in Chicago. Illinois Observer


Prisoners of the Caspian

tsarnaev-suspects-boston-bombing(Community Matters) Lyndon LaRouche-ish read: Prisoners of the Caspian, Part One – in NSFWCorp, a publication I’ve not heard of but with a wonderful opening disclosure that it’s been unlocked for only 22 hours. Sensationalized and opinions given as assumptions, nevertheless, puts forward a  worth-considering proposition that neocons promoted Chechnya and Chechan separatists at the behest of Big Oil and against the interests of then (late 90’s) floundering Russia, resultingly now against the interests of today’s US security. The notations about Bin Laden engagement of particular note.

Hat Tip: Huffington Post