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Won’t See Another Republican President in My Lifetime

Phyllis-schlafly-2007-03_cc(Community Matters) I’ve said it, and I mean it – Charles Blow’s column speaks to why. I just don’t believe they’ll reform the opinions of bigots like Phyllis Schlafly.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not pleased about this. One, I believe we’re better off with two viable parties who negotiate and compromise. Two, I fear a rise in nationalism & hate will continue to derail smart investment decisions and could even result in armed resurrection.

US Health Care Costs

(Community Matters) Important NYTimes article on US prices for healthcare 

healthcare nyt 0513


. . . . payments are often determined in countless negotiations between a doctor, hospital or pharmacy, and an insurer, with the result often depending on their relative negotiating power. Insurers have limited incentive to bargain forcefully, since they can raise premiums to cover costs.

“It all comes down to market share, and very rarely is anyone looking out for the patient,” said Dr. Jeffrey Rice, the chief executive of Healthcare Blue Book, which tracks commercial insurance payments. “People think it’s like other purchases: that if you pay more you get a better car. But in medicine, it’s not like that.”