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LGBT Discrimination in Rental Housing According to HUD

(Community Matters) 

From the Department of Housing and Urban Development

This is the first large-scale, paired-testing study to assess housing discrimination against same-sex couples in metropolitan rental markets via advertisements on the Internet. The research is based on 6,833 e-mail correspondence tests conducted in 50 metropolitan markets across the United States from June through October 2011. For each correspondence test, two e-mails were sent to the housing provider, each inquiring about the availability of the unit advertised on the Internet.

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Evolving on Prism

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(Community Matters) I’d probably come down accepting of the privacy costs in favor of protection against future terrorists attacks if I believed government reports about how we’re using the data and the inviolable safeguards. I don’t know what it says about me that at this point I believe Snowden and tech sources more than I believe government spokespersons . . . but it’s where I find myself. And, I don’t doubt Snowden exaggerates and is suffering paranoia (understandably).

<<James Clapper, America’s director of national intelligence, told Congress in March that the NSA does not gather data on “millions of Americans”. He now says he answered in “the least untruthful manner” possible.>>

Legislators Wary Of Imposing Regulations After West Explosion

(Community Matters) I’m sorta at a loss about this. I’m not sure what legislators think we hire them to do if not first and foremost protect citizens’ lives. Corporate interests are seen as the real constituents of far too many politicos.

“I want to make sure we don’t start giving everybody a lot of instructions,” said Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton.

[but instructions about women’s bodies, but instructions about sex in between consulting adults, but instructions about sex education in schools . . . no, you are bought and paid for by special interests Mr Flynn]

AAS: “Legislators wary of imposing regulations after West explosion.”