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SCOTUS and LGBT Equality

(Community Matters) I haven’t written my posting on today’s Supreme Court cases but have launched a lot (too many) tweets and FB postings. While still conducting research coming across a few enlightening observations:

Maybe Hollingsworth was an honest commitment to the niceties of federal standing. But denying the Prop 8 advocates standing while extending it to the Congressional Republicans in Windsor is a little awkward.

Marriage benefits by state:


still real questions about which Federal benefits will be available to married same sex couples in states that don’t recognize our marriage – though I’m feeling optimistic that some will

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SB-5 – The People’s Filibuster

wendy davis(Community Matters) it was amazing to watch (virtually through Texas Tribune feed and twitter feeds) while Senator Wendy Davis was shut down by bullshit objections for straying from the topic of abortion legislation (discussing the requirment for a sonogram while obtaining an abortion was ruled nongermane and someone helping adjust a back brace was ruled objectionable too).

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