SB-5 – The People’s Filibuster

wendy davis(Community Matters) it was amazing to watch (virtually through Texas Tribune feed and twitter feeds) while Senator Wendy Davis was shut down by bullshit objections for straying from the topic of abortion legislation (discussing the requirment for a sonogram while obtaining an abortion was ruled nongermane and someone helping adjust a back brace was ruled objectionable too).

Her colleagues stood tall with her, invoking points of order and points of clarification to run down the clock since the session constitutionally ended at midnight – Senators Watson, Van de Putte, Zaffarini, West.  And, what was beyond awesome was a spontaneous chorus from the gallery when proponents of this legislation intended to rid Texas of abortion clinics and shut down women’s options broke into a loud, defeaning shouts – literally preventing the presiding Senate president from conducting a vote on the legislation after the Republicans had openly misinterpreted and misapplied Senate rules. Attempts by the GOP leadership to claim they took a vote by midnight were derailed by time stamps on the votes and their website updates. Of course, within six minutes, they altered the website time stamps but the original postings had been captured. Took until nearly 3am for Dewhurst to admit defeat in the Senate.

Of course, Gov Perry has since called  another  Special Session to address abortion restrictions, transportation and juvenile justice.

Beginning of the end for this statewide leadership

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