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Battleground Texas in Playbook

(Community Matters) 

2020 WATCH – “Battleground Texas plans D.C. fundraiser,” by Alexander Burns: “The Democratic group aiming to transform Texas into a swing state will hold its first Washington fundraiser early next month … Battleground Texas, the organization launched by former Obama campaign officials with the goal of helping Democrats compete in the nation’s largest GOP stronghold, is inviting supporters to a reception at The Hamilton on July 11. Battleground Texas executive director Jenn Brown and senior adviser Jeremy Bird, the Obama campaign’s former national field director, are scheduled to appear at the event. The invitation asks for donations starting at $50 per person and going up to $1,000 apiece for event chairs. One person involved in planning the event said it hoped to encourage participation from younger Democrats …

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Brazil’s Arab Spring?

brazil-confed-cup-protests.jpeg1-1280x960(Community Matters)  A wise friend predicted that people worldwide would erupt in their own Arab Springs. Says our Occupy Wall Street was a first and failed attempt. I watch the newly erupting protests worldwide with this prediction in mind.

BREAKING – “One million march across Brazil in biggest protests yet,” by Reuters’ Paulo Prada and Maria Carolina Marcello in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia : “An estimated 1 million people took to the streets in cities across Brazil on Thursday as the country’s biggest protests in two decades intensified despite government concessions meant to quell the demonstrations. Undeterred by the reversal of transport fare hikes that sparked the protests, and promises of better public services, demonstrators marched around two international soccer matches and in locales as diverse as the Amazon capital of Manaus and the prosperous southern city of Florianopolis. … In central Rio de Janeiro, where 300,000 people marched, police afterwards chased looters and dispersed people crowding into surrounding areas.”