Battleground Texas in Playbook

(Community Matters) 

2020 WATCH – “Battleground Texas plans D.C. fundraiser,” by Alexander Burns: “The Democratic group aiming to transform Texas into a swing state will hold its first Washington fundraiser early next month … Battleground Texas, the organization launched by former Obama campaign officials with the goal of helping Democrats compete in the nation’s largest GOP stronghold, is inviting supporters to a reception at The Hamilton on July 11. Battleground Texas executive director Jenn Brown and senior adviser Jeremy Bird, the Obama campaign’s former national field director, are scheduled to appear at the event. The invitation asks for donations starting at $50 per person and going up to $1,000 apiece for event chairs. One person involved in planning the event said it hoped to encourage participation from younger Democrats …

“A quickly-changing state with 38 electoral votes is a target that’s hard to put a price on: Texas became a majority-minority state this decade, but Republicans maintain a firm grip on every statewide office and both chambers of the state legislature. … San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Rep. Joaquin Castro headlined a grassroots kickoff event in March. … Republicans have expressed skepticism that Democrats will have the financial and political attention span to fund Battleground Texas over multiple cycles. At the same time, Republican Party leaders and officeholders in the state have pointed to the Democratic group as a warning sign for the GOP amid Texas’s demographic flux.”

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