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Classical Sculptures as Hipsters

(Community Matters) Discovered via tweet from Elizabeth Minchill

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Photos by photographer Léo Caillard and photo retoucher Alexis Persani.

We’re Everywhere

(Community Matters) rt @EugeneAustin 

  • You know . . . If I were afraid of homosexuals, guess I’d be freaking out these days too. Noticed in NY, now at ABIA . . we’re everywhere

Austin Most Vegan Friendly City

(Community Matters) in the Austin American Statesman

Our favorite vegan chef is David Bulls – love to sit in Congress Restaurant Bar and let Chef David surprise us. Admittedly, vegan Wheatsville’s deli or take out from Mothers more often.

Austin New & Old

(Community Matters) Michael Barnes’ follow up to “Chill: Austin is not Dallas or Houston”


IRS Scrutiny of Charity Applications

vote(Community Matters) Whomever limited additional scrutiny for charitable applications to Tea Party & Patriot made a mistake, but not because they decided applications from politically driven organizations merited the scrutiny. The screens should have been (& as far as we know could have been) broader. Any organization with primarily political ambitions applying for charitable status should be closely evaluated, rigorously screened. In case most don’t know, many applications (most with which I’ve been engaged) have been, whether or not politically oriented. And, I am engaged with two charities (one national, one statewide) which have political entities; their 501(c)(3) arms are segregated and activities separately overseen.