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The Stock Market

(Community Matters) not that there aren’t vulnerabilities, there definitely are, including Europe, a softening SE Asia and a looming GOP manufactured debt limit crisis . . .

The NYSE 1929 to June 12, 2013

NYSE 1929 to 061213


The NASDAQ 1979 to June 12, 2013

NASDAQ 1979 to 061213


The S&P 500 1980 to June 12, 2013

SP 500 1980 to 061213

Snowden Disinformation Campaign?

(Community Matters) I’m not gonna automatically believe reports about what Snowden is or isn’t doing, has or hasn’t done. Not saying our gov’t or the US intelligence community is running a disinformation campaign, but we’ve been known to do this.

The South China Morning Post published another article early Thursday morning local time about its exclusive interview with Edward Snowden, the person responsible for leaking top-secret information about the National Security Agency’s secret surveillance programs. The Post reported that Snowden said that the U.S. government “had been hacking into computers in Hong Kong and [in China] for years.”