Legislators Wary Of Imposing Regulations After West Explosion

(Community Matters) I’m sorta at a loss about this. I’m not sure what legislators think we hire them to do if not first and foremost protect citizens’ lives. Corporate interests are seen as the real constituents of far too many politicos.

“I want to make sure we don’t start giving everybody a lot of instructions,” said Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton.

[but instructions about women’s bodies, but instructions about sex in between consulting adults, but instructions about sex education in schools . . . no, you are bought and paid for by special interests Mr Flynn]

AAS: “Legislators wary of imposing regulations after West explosion.”

2 responses to “Legislators Wary Of Imposing Regulations After West Explosion

  1. Agreed! It seems almost criminal not to attempt to avoid this sort of tragedy in the future.

  2. “Maybe we should require the government to remove one business regulation in order to issue a new one. Heck, I wouldn’t be opposed to a ratio of 2:1 or higher.” – https://communitymatters.biz/2013/01/26/business-regulation/

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