Business Regulation

(Community Matters) Maybe we should require the government to remove one business regulation in order to issue a new one. Heck, I wouldn’t be opposed to a ratio of 2:1 or higher.

I’m not bashing government regulation – believing it’s a critical component of a free market economic system. While the best economic model ever created, it’s still grossly flawed – especially in terms of externalizing costs and protecting workers & consumers. Nevertheless, the sheer number of cumulative regulations and a rather byzantine regulatory system can be a drag on innovation and efficiency. Not to mention: bureaucracy is also cumulative *and* self perpetuating, and even when comprised of all good people with all good ambition, can become a drag on economic growth.

The Democratic Party should be known for both protecting and promoting the interests of America’s middle class *and* promoting and enabling economic growth and innovation. There is a balancing act here; and yes, citizens should win all ties . . . but if we look hard enough, we can usually avoid ties.

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