Grouping Students by Ability

(Community Matters) Was just discussing the efficacy of this a few weeks ago – Blue Birds, Red Birds, Yellow Birds. NYT: Grouping Students by Ability Regains Favor in Classroom

And, I acknowledge the risks. Growing up, I’d always been in the advanced groups until the fourth grade when a reading teacher put me in the second group. My mother found this unusual so met with the teacher. My last name suggested to the teacher I might not be up to speed in reading. I was returned to the accelerated group and made an A.

One response to “Grouping Students by Ability

  1. I’ve read a lot on both sides of this and want to stay intellectually open, but I remember so vividly not getting placed into the Gifted & Talented program in my elementary school and, for the first time, feeling like I wasn’t one of the smart kids and, thus, was a person of more limited academic potential. I honestly didn’t break through that false barrier until I entered my Ph.D. program at the age of 33. My experience tells me that labels create their own reality.

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