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The Pessimism of an Oracle

(Community Matters) Paul Krugman: Defining Prosperity Down

What Matters

(Community Matters) I had an epiphany on our most recent trip – things have little value to me if I can’t share them.


Immigration Bill

(Community Matters) Fron Politico’s Playbook, not an inconsequential predictor:

SIREN — RARE JOINT EDITORIAL from two of the most muscular conservative voices in the land – “Kill the Bill,” by William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, and Rich Lowry, editor of National Review: “We are conservatives who have differed in the past on immigration reform, with Kristol favorably disposed toward it and Lowry skeptical. But the Gang of Eight has brought us into full agreement: Their bill, passed out of the Senate, is a comprehensive mistake. House Republicans should kill it without reservation. … The enforcement provisions are riddled with exceptions, loopholes, and waivers. Every indication is that they are for show and will be disregarded, just as prior notional requirements to build a fence or an entry/exit visa system have been … Marco Rubio says he doesn’t want to have to come back ten years from now and deal with the same illegal-immigration problem. But that’s exactly what the CBO says will happen under his own bill. According to the CBO analysis of the bill, it will reduce illegal immigration by as little as a third or by half at most. By one estimate, this means there will be about 7.5 million illegal immigrants here in ten years. And this is under the implausible assumption that the Obama administration would administer the law as written.

All American Boy

(Community Matters) What an extraordinary music video of a gay man’s confusion about signals from a friend. Steve Grand’s story