San Antonio LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinance

(Community Matters) Saddened that opponents have adopted the misleading language about it infringing on their rights. The ordinance does nothing to prevent one from thinking or expressing their opposition to gays & lesbians. Admittedly, it does prevent one from taking discriminatory actions. As a conservative Jewish friend reminds me, he supports the Nazi’s right to march and to express their opinions based on First Amendment rights. They are not guaranteed the right to ACT on these opinions, however. 

Opponents of this ordinance are explicitly advocating for the right to discriminate against men and women because of their sexual orientation – scarcity v abundance.  It was a long night at San Antonio city hall. Council heard from citizens about the proposed LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance. The Council plans to vote next Thursday. 

sat ndo debate 082813

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