Guadalupe Circa 1930

(Community Matters) <<Department of American Studies at UT posted the attached photo on Twitter today with the following caption: “Dang: 38th and Guadalupe, looking south, in 1933.”

There are gas pumps behind the columns! The working theory is that is now Flamingo Automotive. Jimmyville’s Ice Cream shop is the Tazza Fresca site. The cross street in the foreground is 37th. The high spot in the road in the background is indeed 34th St.

The Moontower in the background is another curiousity. Could its footing be that big chunk of concrete on the corner of 29th in front of Milto’s?

There are electric streetcar tracks in the mud to the left, and overhead wires. It is hard to imagine urban rail had been running on Guadalupe for 41 years at the time the photo was taken!>>

guadalupe from 38th street south

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