in an email from our health insurance broker: I expect the renewal for EF to arrive in 30 days which will let us know if cost is going up or down for EF as a result of reform [Obamacare]. I had a preliminary estimate several months ago that indicated price for EF would go down dramatically.

update: Eddie Carter (our broker) saw my posting and wrote me. We’ve got to do a bit more analysis to make sure everything is apples to apples but appears our premiums are going down 43%.

As I’m looking at the various plans and premiums, appears there’s substantial incentive toward accountability. Plans with copays and deductibles are significantly discounted. Also appears costs for pay-everything-plans (no incentive to monitor or minimize costs) are increasing rather than decreasing. What the heck, set up a Health Savings Account (HSA), adopt a plan with at least a $1k deductible, help ensure good stewardship of health dollars, and bank the savings in your HSA – you can even invest those savings within the HSA, tax free!

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