Drive to Santa Barbara

(Community Matters) . . . unfortunately, turned into a trip around Central Texas. Tana and I detected car trouble after stopping at the Dollar General Store in Fredericksburg. MBrace told us we should head to the nearest dealership (Boerne, Tx) to have the situation further evaluated. They were spectacular to us – bumped us ahead of 13 other jobs and detected a fix that would take only 30 minutes. Unfortunately, it’d be Tuesday before they could have the part. We drove back to Austin, not without some car performance issues. Since I had a hard stop of returning home Tuesday for our Annual Entrepreneurs Poker Tournament on Wednesday and have a MPR board meeting in Marfa on Saturday, I’m out of the picture. Outside the 72 hours cancellation window, there’s a free room at the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel (Four Seasons) on Monday night. Also bummed we missed last night at El Capitan in Van Horne.

austin santa barbara

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