On Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

hillary clinton(Community Matters) I’m not an expert, and I do love these lines:

“I would tell her to be much more of a risk taker and not to be so concerned about will this incremental position hurt me or this incremental position help me and just lay out there what you believe,” said former Edwards pollster Harrison Hickman. “She’s someone people will respect and people aren’t going to get overwrought if they disagree with her on one or two issues.”

“They can actually undercut an essential characteristic of presidential candidates — they want to see someone fighting for it, they want to see someone earning it the hard way,” said Benenson, the Obama pollster. “They want to see her demonstrate some of that grit that she brings to the table.”

Personally, I’m a huge fan, and my enthusiasm would increase even more if more Elizabeth Warren in her domestic agenda.

Buzz: Obama Aides Doubt Clinton Strategy

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