Good Signs on Elizabeth Warren

elizabeth warrenfrom Politico’s Playbook:

THE WAY TO WIN – “Elizabeth Warren’s silent Senate approach,” by Kate Nocera and Patrick Reis : Senator “Warren has kept the lowest of profiles, speaking only to select Massachusetts media outlets while [largely] shutting out the national press … For a left-leaning icon and national media darling, the role of silent senator is a sharp departure from her rousing campaign and outspoken consumer advocacy. It’s the same tactic used by other first-term senators who entered the chamber to great fanfare … former New York Sen. Hillary Clinton [and] Sen. Al Franken … [O]utlets hoping to nab Warren’s thoughts in the Capitol hallways are either ignored or offered a litany of excuses for why she can’t talk, including Warren’s own recent explanation that she’s ‘walking right now.’ … By picking her battles and flying under the radar, Warren is working to convert her campaign star-power into a reputation as a serious legislator among her Senate colleagues. … Warren’s conspicuously quiet entrance to Congress, as well as her laser-sharp focus on the Bay State, is in part a bid to prove she’s not the carpet-bagging bomb-thrower her critics predicted.”

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