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Krugman – Scarborough Smack Down

scarborough krugman(Community Matters) Joe Scarborough and Paul Krugman on Charlie Rose. This should be really good!

MUST-SEE TV! Tonight on “Charlie Rose,” a smackdown between Joe Scarborough and Paul Krugman. After arguing over the debt on their blogs, they’re taking it to the airwaves, for the full hour. Tapes today on Charlie’s legendary set at Bloomberg HQ in Manhattan. Airs 11 p.m. on WNET in NYC, and WETA and WHUT in D.C., and 200+ other PBS affiliates.                      HT: Politico Playbook

“Scarborough seems upset, and under the delusion that my more or less standard Keynesian views are way off on the fringe. Also, that the Swedish thingie is given by Norwegian royalty.”

Marriott End Run to Legislature?

jw marriott(Community Matters) I don’t have a paper trail but deposing Frank Fuentes and others might show whether White Lodging launched this legislative end run. Did Marriott developer White Lodging launch the approach to the Texas Legislature to circumvent their promise to pay construction workers a contracted wage in exchange for the $3.8mm in waived fees? Just pay the fees if you don’t want to live up to the explicit promise in the contract.

Dallas legislator aims to stop wage requirements in incentive deals

Marriott developer asks city to drop wage audit