Daily Archives: 03/31/2013

Friedman on Today’s Teens – Need a Job, Invent It

(Community Matters) Interestingly, this has been a recurring topic of conversation the last few weeks – critical thinking skills, motivation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We need lab schools where students earn a high school diploma by completing a series of skill-based ‘merit badges’ in things like entrepreneurship. And schools of education where all new teachers have ‘residencies’ with master teachers and performance standards — not content standards — must become the new normal throughout the system.” Friedman in the NYTimes


Pope at Easter

Vatican Pope Easter(Community Matters) Wearing the more humble white cap, washing prisoners’ feet – even more, washing womens, which sent the Vatican Curia into a spin. All good signs.

Kaufman, TX District Attny & Wife Dead

kaufman(Community Matters) Texas DA, wife killed — 2 months after his deputy is gunned down. I sure hope this isn’t Mexican drug cartel related. From what I’ve heard over the last two years, they are deeply embedded in Texas and war could break out if their US corridor through Texas is threatened.