Mad, Beat, Hip & Gone

mad beat hip and gone(Community Matters) Our friend Steven Dietz’s newest play Mad, Beat, Hip & Gone opens tonight at Zach Scott. Commissioned by Zach and UT Dept of Fine Art, the story of two Nebraska lads following across the country in the car behind Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady is played by a new generation of Austin’s best actors, Jon Cook, Jacob Trussell and Erin Barlow.

Steven is probably the most produced, contemporary playwright in America – and it’s no surprise why. His material is smart, relevant and accessible. As the director of this play, he also summons the technical elements of the stage to tell his story in between the lines.

UT Fine Arts Dean Doug Dempster and Theatre & Dance Chair Brant Pope hosted a cocktail reception in the Skyline Lounge prior to last night’s show. Great seeing them, Steven’s wife Allison Gregory, JoLynn & Greg Free, Nancy Scanlon, James Armstrong & Larry Connelly, Michele Baylor, Sharon Watkins and many other friends, including my second favorite theater date (Steven’s traveling), Michael Mitchell. 

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