Fusebox Festival 2013

(Community Matters) That time of the year again – already excited. Fusebox Festival 2013.

fusebox wide alley project

lots of great shows, exhibits, food

I know we’re (I’m) attending:

Opening night. Line Upon Line at the State Theatre, Dan Cheetham’s & Michelle Tarsney’s 20 ft Wide, and the Opening and Late Night parties at Art House

Friday 19th, Steve Moore’s Adam Sultan (wish I could also attend or on Thurs attend the Rude Mech’s  Stop Hitting Yourself)

Tuesday 23rd, The Future Show

Wed 24th.  Motion Bank Presentation at Salvage at lunch, then (I wish) Miriam at the Long Center

Thursday 25th, Dictophone Group’s Nothing to Declare at Off Center, then the late night blow out, Vockah Redu at Spiderhouse

Friday 26th, Bryony Kimmings’ Sex Idiot at Salvage Vanguard.

Saturday 27th, Beth Gill’s Electric Midwife, then Michelle Ellsworth at the Long Center

Sunday 28th, Pop, Sizzle, Shatter – Graham Reynolds & Sonya Cote

there’s so much more – wish I’d kept my calendar clear for the entire time.

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