PiH’s Paul Famer at LIVESTRONG

paul farmer 0413(Community Matters) Great to see Dr. Paul Farmer again and hear, “An Update from the Field.” LIVESTRONG and Partners in Health are partners in the delivery of cancer treatment abroad. I  consider Paul a hero, a man who thinks expansively & constructively, is committed to others, and who everyday makes this world a better place to live   – notes from a August 2011 visit.

A few of my notes:

Catastrophic illness is often the tipping point from poverty to destitution.

Stigma is a barrier related to barriers preventing access to treatment.

NGOs should be working w/ public health authorities, not against them.

Soon it will be possible to cure people of chronic Hepatitis C.

He cited Treatment Action Group (TAG) as a model of organization and advocacy – citing them as more knowledgeable about AIDS/HIV than most infectious disease experts.

Urged other advocates to not argue against any existing levels of funding but for more.

“Vertical enthusiams”

Appreciate Andy Miller, Doug Ulman, & Morgan Binswanger inviting me to join the presentation. Pleased to see so many LIVESTRONG friends as well as Lynn Meredith, Bob Wynn, Spencer Hayes and my godson, Austin Knaplund.

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