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More Again: East Austin College Prep & SW Key

swkey program(Community Matters) Another note from a former SW Key employee who found my blog postings on East Austin College Prep.

Eugene, you are on the right track. I worked at Southwest Key Programs years ago and never spoke negatively about them in public but I am sure you are making them nervous by bringing their underhanded practices to light. You are pulling a thread that the community deserves to have pulled. When they broke ground on the school, providing community children with a quality education seemed to be the driving force behind their efforts. Reading about what is going on now it seems the Southwest Key administration is doing whatever they can to add grade levels and generating revenue for their operating expenses. Transparency seems to be and should continue to be your objective. I hope public pressure can be applied so everyone can find out where the dollars are going.

Occurs to me. I have not vetted these notes. Posting without confirmation.

Austin Art Scene

(Community Matters) Austin’s arts replenish the creativity that fuels our tech community – creativity on demand.

one of our favorite bands in Austin – Mother Falcon. Admittedly not the best recording – it’s a little unstructured out on the street – and demonstrates part of what’s so fun about these young artists.

Civic Analytics Tech Economic Impact Summary

(Community Matters) This is Brian Kelsey’s presentation from the ATC CEO Summit – it shows that nearly 1/4 of Austin’s economy is tech related and nearly 1/3 of all jobs when you factor in the multiplier (9% x 3.5).

Economic Impact of Austin’s Technology Sector from Civic Analytics LLC