Daily Archives: 05/20/2013

A Provocative Lunch

(Community Matters) Wow, very interesting lunch. First, I’d been mentally preparing on how best to constructively engage a young man from a visible Republican family – and I wanted to learn where he stood on important social issues. I arrived at lunch early, and wouldn’t you just know it, there sat Karl Rove and about 12 highly-engaged Texas Republicans at the next table. When the young man arrived, I was feeling a little behind enemy lines. I’d already been struggling not to be rude & eavesdrop.

Turns out the young man (& his family) are very, socially progressive. And, the young man and I probably have a lot more in common than what might separate us. So glad I pushed this envelope. I probably need to do this more often – even if it isn’t always comfortable. And, yes it does go better with thoughtful preparation. Imagining you’re likely to agree on many values & principles and framing the conversation from there is usually a good start.