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Rejecting a Friend Request

(Community Matters) I regrettably rescinded the acceptance of a Facebook friend request because as soon as I accepted I scrolled his FB postings and realized he was quite angry and spoke out in a way that came across to me, very disrespectfully of President Obama and other leaders. Rescinding really gave me pause. This is a friend from early in childhood, the son of one of my father’s best friends. I sent him this note:

xxxx, thanks for the friend request. I initially accepted then realized we’d both drive each other crazy. I’d love to reconnect with you sometime and we can just not discuss politics. I like President Obama, and I’m a liberal. I wouldn’t want to upset you with my posts, and I would get upset by some of yours. So, probably better not to share FB space. Hope to see you sometime and wishing you the best.

In fact, I don’t think I post in a way that comes across as disrespectful to others – or well, I try not to and think I succeed more than fail.

Great Day

ben avery(Community Matters) What a great day. Waking up in San Antonio, breakfast with good friends, back to Austin and a super visit with a long lost (moved to Indianapolis) godson, Ben Knaplund, and his lifelong best friend, Avery Martin, of whom I’m also especially fond.

Then to see The Great Gatsby with another godson (actually godson-in-law but couldn’t love him any more too), Trey Alford.

Steven arrived in Traverse City today to snow. I was telling him this evening I hope I wasn’t too didactic with the guys. Then, perfect, what a sweet text from Ben, including: “You are a pleasurable mixture of father and best friend.”

So, my day is complete, and I’m really happy.

celebrated mom yesterday with a too quick stop by the ranch. They’re coming next weekend so we’ll celebrate more plus Dad’s birthday.

gloria eloy 1959

The IRS Tax Scandal & Profiling

Lois G. Lerner(Community Matters) I don’t like profiling in law enforcement, national security, nor review of taxpayer applications for tax exempt, non profit status. I’m assuming those whose hair is on fire are also consistent in their opposition to profiling. And, it’s important to note that not only was then IRS Commission Douglas Shulman appointed by President George W Bush in 2008, the Director of IRS Exempt Organizations Division Lois G. Lerner was appointed to this position in 2005, ie., also under the Bush administration. I don’t point this out to assess blame but to suggest liberals or an Obama administration wouldn’t recruit Bush conservatives & an appointee if conspiring against conservatives.

Mayor Castro’s Reelection

946958_10200464387145590_1195911384_n(Community Matters) Mayor Castro won reelection with 66% of the vote. I hurried over from Mark Gibb’s Houston memorial service to be with friends at the election gathering. It was an early election night, then a long night with friends.