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Happy Birthday, Dad

(Community Matters) Celebrated Dad’s 78th birthday at Hudson’s on the Bend Restaurant with Mom, Steven & Michael Mitchell.

eloy 88 bd 051913

Corrected. 78 years old. I’d written 88

St James Episcopal

(Community Matters) It was St James Day. Steven’s been a member 24 years, me 14. We’re a multicultural, inclusive community.

st james 051913 sized.jpg


Suzanne Winkelman

883606_950284046124_1343589436_o(Community Matters) Friday night at Olive & June, beautiful star-lit celebration for the incomparable Suzanne Winkelman. There’s an aura around this beautiful woman who makes everyone smile.


(Community Matters) Interesting to read about Gallup’s review, learning how they got the presidential race so wrong. They’re publicly releasing their report next month but some of the preview includes:

  • how they ask about race makes a difference – appears yes or no doesn’t work as well as allowing respondents to choose more than one answer (& since they extrapolate and model sample results in part based on race, this can significantly impact modeled results)
  • In the future traditional polling could be supplemented by non-probability data, administrative data, social media data.

Huff Post

Celebrating Austin Knaplund

540128_10200345655577375_798448644_n(Community Matters) A little college graduation party at the house last night for our godson Austin Knaplund. His mamma, our adopted sister, Janet Maykus handled all the heavy lifting. Austin’s girlfriend, Caitlin Mickey, in from Vanderbilt, where she’s pursuing a PhD in audiology. Funny how there’s always that one lifelong friend who feels like a godkid as well – in Austin’s case it’s Isaac Winburne. He’s hitting the road for a couple of months with Mother Falcon. We’re gonna connect in the city; I promised the buy the band a good dinner.

Lots of their great friends here kinda late, and we had fun. Austin’s hoping for an international medical aid internship before medical school next year