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2Q EF Board Meeting

leigh christie(Community Matters) At today’s Entrepreneurs Foundation board meeting, we talked a lot about our member company activities, corporate culture, equity contributed for community grants, Lemonade Day, our new Amplify Wellness website, a possible, future conference, and the organization’s business model. We’ve enjoyed tremendous growth during the last 5 years and are lucky to enjoy sustainable funding. We also talked about how lucky we are that Leigh Christie joined us; she’s been carrying the load of two people during much of her first year. And, she’s performed with flying colors.

Super board of directors, including: Bill Bock (Chair), Tom Ball, Jeff Browning, Amy Chronis, Elizabeth Davis, Dave Hood, Paul Hurdlow, Brett Hurt, David Lee, Jan Lindelow, Ellen Wood & moi.

The Tooth Fairy

(Community Matters) Steven adopted Manos de Cristo as his philanthropic/artistic project this year. He wrote & performed four vignettes to convey the organization’s story to our nearly 300 friends who attended, sponsored and signed up to support the organization monthly – we can’t thank them enough. Special shout out to Sandi & Bob Tomlinson for joining us as co-chairs of the luncheon.

ST tooth-fairy

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UT & Harvard – Scholarship for Hire

rOGOFF-REINHART-large300(Community Matters) Reinhart And Rogoff’s Pro-Austerity Research even more Debunked By Studies – such bull caca – just like UT Professor Mark Regnerus’ discredited study on gay families, funding erroneous academic studies has been, to-date, an effective way of radical think tanks generating false data to support their arguments. Embarrassed once centers of academic & research excellence allow this to happen, and that even upon peer review, peers protect their own while disavowing results.

Feels like a Karl Rove disinformation campaign.

Cookie Ruiz in Culture Map

(Community Matter) My dear friend Cookie Ruiz is profiled in Culture Map.

cookie ruiz

Economics of Austerity

(Community Matters) In the light, we’re seeing the king is not only naked but fat & ugly. Jonathan Chait in the New York Magazine.