Rejecting a Friend Request

(Community Matters) I regrettably rescinded the acceptance of a Facebook friend request because as soon as I accepted I scrolled his FB postings and realized he was quite angry and spoke out in a way that came across to me, very disrespectfully of President Obama and other leaders. Rescinding really gave me pause. This is a friend from early in childhood, the son of one of my father’s best friends. I sent him this note:

xxxx, thanks for the friend request. I initially accepted then realized we’d both drive each other crazy. I’d love to reconnect with you sometime and we can just not discuss politics. I like President Obama, and I’m a liberal. I wouldn’t want to upset you with my posts, and I would get upset by some of yours. So, probably better not to share FB space. Hope to see you sometime and wishing you the best.

In fact, I don’t think I post in a way that comes across as disrespectful to others – or well, I try not to and think I succeed more than fail.

One response to “Rejecting a Friend Request

  1. I realized Facebook was the devil a few years ago during the health care reform debate. The ignorance on Facebook drove me crazy.

    It wasn’t always my friends, but posts by friends of friends would show up in my feed and put me into a tizzy.

    An alternative is to accept friend requests from people you know you will disagree with, but then hide their posts from showing up on your screen.

    I just decided to stay off Facebook altogether for the sake of my health.

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