Catching Up

(Community Matters) I am alive just trying to catch up. Quick trip to San Francisco for the National Venture Capital Conference where I participated in sessions on social entrepreneurship. Saw friends while there including dinner with Dipti Pratt at Commonwealth (good, not great) and another dinner with Will Roman, Cesar Torres and James Reggio. We had reservations for Foreign Cinema but Will’s hurt his back so we treked to his very cool abode in North Beach – a new favorite part of town btw.

Back in time to celebrate Lynne Skinner’s & Jeff Browning’s leadership of the annual Austin Cup which has raised $790k for the Center for Child Protection – plus Penny Wilson and Kim & Kyle Hughes. And, today to catch some of the RISE Conference in Austin as well as prepare for tomorrow’s EF Spring Service Day – 23 companies and 565 team members expected at Linder & Brooke Elementary schools. Leigh Christie is an amazing super woman – she keeps the trains running, on time and in the right directions.

Steven’s on his way from Traverse City, Michigan to Manhattan tonight. I take it his TEDxTraverseCity talk was a success. We have such fantastic friends in that wonderful city.

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