Yesterday’s Capitol Rally

tx capitol 070113 women(Community Matters) I was surprised it was mostly positive energy – women and their allies rallying FOR women’s rights, rather than against someone, or someones. The speakers’ words weren’t necessarily in sync with this view, but (and maybe I’m just being wistful) it’s what I felt from their words and among the thousands rallying at the State Capitol.

And, I was sympathetic for the blue-shirted, anti-abortion protesters quietly standing at the capitol’s gate on 11th St. At least those I saw, greeted with a smile, and looked in the eye. They were sad & hurt, and I didn’t see hate in their faces. It occurred to me, I wish they could understand the rally was for a women’s right to choose rather than a promotion of abortion. Perhaps it’s only obvious to us.

I do think certain political leaders foster, stoke and take advantage of each side’s fear, intentionally driving us further apart rather than together. Our Arab Spring appears on the horizon.

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