Daily Archives: 12/05/2013

Brave Starts Here

(Community Matters) Totally bummed had to miss the inaugural  TEDxAustinWomen, though Leigh Christie represented EF. I was able to watch a bit via live stream – a really super event. Kudos to all who produced and otherwise made happen and to the star studded line up of speakers, including friends Lynn & Tommie Meredith and Violet Bell.


Days 2 & 3

(Community Matters)  healing progressing ahead of plan.

eugene eye surgery day 2

eugene eye surgery day 3 b

Day 2                                                                                    Day 3

been working from home. Many thanks to the friends and colleagues who agreed to meet here. And, what  a treat, this afternoon’s happy hour with Margo Weisz, Randi Shade, Jill McRae & Amy Rudy, talk about Austin Women and Brave Starts Here