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Microsoft Word - Document1(Community Matters) Playing with the idea of a living art installation – a weekend when Marfa is completely off the www grid – no wifi, no ethernet . . . anywhere. Would couples come to Marfa to connect in a new way? Would strangers talk to each other while waiting in line? What if no cable either . . . what would couples do in bed at night?

A Quiet Night In The ‘Hood

(Community Matters) A slow night in Marfa: Steven & I walk to Pizza Foundation, discovering a light & camera trained on a building, movie making a la Marfa. Sit at counter, nice chats with Saarin & Boyd. Emily unexpectedly shows up. 2.5 hours for new pizzas so we amble over to Cochineal where we grab seats at the bar. Turns out, next to Debbie & Bird, and their son who we’d never met. Ha! there’s Janie & Dick at a table so we sync plans for ny eve & day. Walk back home, back by the picture posing building and realize there are two people in there, one looks like Rob. Come home, read a bit, Steven announces he’s ready for bed – I’m not. Steven to bed, me to Padres where I spend an hour or so catching up with Andrew & Mahala, talking education, entrepreneurship and the new Alpine Beer Company. Of course, all seen have been invited to NYE in RHS. Quiet night in the ‘hood.

eugene marfa 1213

Headed out now for breakfast at Debbie & Bird’s restaurant, Buns & Roses.

update: ran into Rob at Buns & Roses. It was him last night. They were filming, hoping to catch a train come by. It’s a Rosa Barba installation. Opening Sunday night.