Daily Archives: 12/21/2013


(Community Matters) Excited we’ll be traveling on a Dreamliner tomorrow for the first time, the new Boeing 787.



excited to be returning home – one night in Austin, then to the farm, then to Marfa through the new year.

Tom Meredith at TEDxAustin Women

(Community Matters) One of our dearest friends talking money with girls & women. It’s a good & important story.

I love how genuine, generous and authentic his presentation – it’s pure Tommie.


Paul Klee at the Tate Modern

(Community Matters) Also enjoyed the Paul Klee exhibit at the Tate Modern. His experimentation with materials – especially his mix of media, see Twittering – is especially engaging.

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Honoré Daumier Exhibit

(Community Matters) loved, loved, loved the Honoré Daumier exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts. 

Daumier's Gargantua (1831)

Steven and I discussed over dinner – wondering if societies have corrected such egregious tilts in economic & political systems without resorting to violence – or without violence being directed at those protesting.

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The Late, Great American WASP

(Community Matters) In the Wall Street Journal: The Late, Great American WASP

“Under WASP hegemony, corruption, scandal and incompetence in high places weren’t, as now, regular features of public life.” – obviously a nostalgic reflection of selective memories

Being The Only One of Anything Can Be Exhausting

(Community Matters) AAS: It might be weird, but seeing Austin in the rear view is a relief