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Boquillas, Mexico

(Community Matters) Spending Boxing Day cooking and making Boquillas tour arrangements for some of our New Years guests. I think we’ll have 30ish of the 60ish NY guests arriving Saturday to Marathon. We’ll spend Saturday night at the Gage, drive down through Big Bend National Park to the US – Boquillas Border Crossing, ferrying across the Rio Grande, take burros to Boquillas, tour, have green chille enchiladas and cold cervezas for lunch, cross back over, car tour Big Bend, Terlingua, Big Bend State Park, Presidio, then up to Marfa.

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super blog posting about Boquillas and day trips


Happy Boxing Day


Marfa Christmas

(Community Matters) Christmas dinner w/ members of our Marfa family – Julie Speed, Fran Christian & Garrick Stephens and friends including Scrapy Judd NewcombJamey Garza & Constance Holt-Garza, Mary Lou Saxon and Katie Chicca & Terry Ohm.