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Reinventing American Health Care, by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D

ezejuek(Community Matters) Politico Playbook: “Reinventing American Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Will Improve our Terribly Complex, Blatantly Unjust, Outrageously Expensive, Grossly Inefficient, Error Prone System,” by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D ., chair of medical ethics and health policy at UPenn; White House special adviser on health reform from ’09 to ’11; son of a pediatrician; older brother to Rahm and Ari (published this week by PublicAffairs): “In the short term the ACA has been a political disaster for President Obama and the Democrats. … And it has left the Obama administration in a perpetually defensive stance, depleted of the political capital needed to achieve progress in other important policy areas such as immigration and the federal budget. …

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