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I Read Brandon Ambrosino Differently

Eugene 0314 1200 res(Community Matters) I asked one of our best friends (probably the most well read – certainly the most accomplished editor) what he thought of Brandon Ambrosino and his appointment to a fellowship for Ezra Klein’s Vox.com. Kip Keller’s response here and in the immediately below blog post. 

My follow up response:

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Kip Keller on Brandon Ambrosino

kip keller(Community Matters) I asked Kip for his comments on my Brandon Ambrosino posting. As expected, he does have a heart- felt opinion:

Kip commented on Brandon Ambrosino(Community Matters) I welcome disparate voices in conversations on homosexuality and our equality. And, I certainly trust Ezra …

Since you asked.

I could barely recall where I’d heard Ambrosino’s name, but knew that it was probably on JMG. Indeed, back in January he posted an item about Ambrosino’s vile article “I Wasn’t Born This Way,” which ran in the “New Republic”: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/116378/macklemores-same-love-sends-wrong-message-about-being-gay

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