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Apple vs Climate Deniers

tim cook(Community Matters) Love this Daily Kos posting about Tim Cook standing up to climate deniers. Proud that the CEO of the world’s most valuable corporation is openly gay and models such integrity. 

Travis County Elections

(Community Matters) Congratulations to Sarah Eckhardt and all her supporters, of which I’m now one. Congrats to my dear friend, Brigid Shea, Travis County’s newest commissioner.

Thank you to all the candidates who ran & their teams who together work so damn hard to serve the public.

I’m a huge Andy Brown fan and hope he’ll continue to serve the public. Travis County is a better place for all he’s done over the last 10+ years – thank you Andy. (heck, it’s probably 15 or 20).

Austin Chronicle Shames Sarah Eckhardt for Karl Rove-ish Ethics

(Community Matters) I started out this campaign enthusiastic for Andy Brown and always acknowledging that I thought Sarah Eckhardt was a good person and had served Travis County honorably. I didn’t support her because she can’t garner 3 votes on the commissioners court as a commissioner, and that certainly doesn’t recommend her as County Judge. But, I was wrong about the honorable part. Teamed with Brian Rodgers and Linda Curtis, she’s been releasing outright lies and misinformation as if Karl Rove was running her campaign and honesty & ethics didn’t matter. The Austin Chronicle finally called her out citing the damning evidence of a voice message. 

Laura Kilcrease, Dan Graham, Jessica Gass, Build A Sign, Greenling, Gazzang

EF-invite(Community Matters) Every year on or near Texas Independence Day the Entrepreneurs Foundation hosts an event where we report to our members and thank those most active from our community most active in contributing to Austin.

Last night, we recognized Laura Kilcrease for 25 years of continuous contributions to Austin’s entrepreneurial eco system with the ATI 25th Anniversary Community Leadership Award. We recognized Build-A-Sign’s Dan Graham with EF Community Leader of the Year Award.

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Reunion Dinner

(Community Matters) Our tribe of friends who traveled to Israel together gathered to share pics and a meal – Lynn & Tommie Meredith, Suzanne & Marc Winkelman, Diane Land & Steve Adler, Reid Adler & Nancy Scanlon. Plus Doron Wilfand, our guide while we were in Jerusalem. And, me & Steven. Marc Winkelman and I both, independently had the idea to surprise our friends by flying Doron up for the dinner. Finally, Doron confessed to me that Marc had contacted him too. I tried to have him fake out Marc, telling him he couldn’t make it; alas, we had to share and collaborate. Great fun so delightfully surprising our friends.

israel dinner 0314