Laura Kilcrease, Dan Graham, Jessica Gass, Build A Sign, Greenling, Gazzang

EF-invite(Community Matters) Every year on or near Texas Independence Day the Entrepreneurs Foundation hosts an event where we report to our members and thank those most active from our community most active in contributing to Austin.

Last night, we recognized Laura Kilcrease for 25 years of continuous contributions to Austin’s entrepreneurial eco system with the ATI 25th Anniversary Community Leadership Award. We recognized Build-A-Sign’s Dan Graham with EF Community Leader of the Year Award.

Member companies: Build-A-Sign, Greenling & Gazzang recognized for their outstanding community involvement programs, and Jessica Gass of Gazzang was our volunteer of the year.

EF and its member companies have raised over $9mm for other nonprofits, kids participating in our Lemonade Day program have raised $1.5mm and donated $600k to nonprofits. Team members at member companies have donated over 66k volunteer hours. We’re expanding our youth entrepreneurship programs, launching a youth entrepreneurship movement in Central Texas. And, increasingly we’re working closely with entrepreneurs and their management team to help build corporate cultures that contribute to their financial success and to our communities.

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