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Cold Man in the Kremlin

putin 2(Community Matters) I too am hoping we see a real, substantive, nearly overreaching response. Twist European arms hard if that’s what it takes – yes, to the super power falls great responsibility, and if we’re to assume such, then our allies must collaborate acknowledging we’re first among equals. We should have plenty of assets & IOUs to deploy so as to encourage resistive collaboration. Now is the time to use them. Roger Cohen – Cold Man in the Kremlin. 

The Importance of Looking Back as We Go Forward

(Community Matter) Sting at TED Vancouver.

sting at ted

Biggest Threat Yet to the American Dream

koch brothers(Community Matters) Biggest threat yet to the American dream isn’t communism, fascism or Putin expanding Russian territory – it’s the adoption of electoral best grass roots practices by the Koch brothers. They reflect, the worst practices of self-dealing, no hesitancy to completely fabricate information which serves their interests and to exploit real fears of Americans.

Politico’s Playbook: ON THE SECOND EPISODE OF “OPEN MIKE,” we interview Tim Phillips (@TimPhillipsAFP), president of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-funded group that is by far the biggest outside spender this cycle -$30 million in ads so far, 90 percent of that on TV. AFP’s biggest ground force is in Florida, where 25+ staffers made the group the biggest outside player in last week’s House election. Tim describes a new approach the group took for door-to-door visits in Florida, defends the Koch brothers, admits his pitch to donors now includes Harry Reid’s Koch attacks, and details his Dairy Queen obsession. 3-min. videohttp://politi.co/1i9newl

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Krugman: The Timidity Trap

(Community Matters) I was once ridiculed at a dinner table for answering that Paul Krugman was the most influential, contemporary economist, and I stand by this answer. No worries, being ridiculed for my beliefs & opinions or underestimated is metaphorical viagra.

“powerful pain caucuses — influential groups fiercely opposed to any policy that might put the unemployed back to work. . . . now have truly impressive track records of being always wrong, never in doubt.”

You might ask why the good guys have been so timid, the bad guys so self-confident. I suspect that the answer has a lot to do with class interests. But that will have to be a subject for another column.

Krugman’s column: The Timidity Trap